‘Tis the Season

I’m not sure whether it’s because we’re getting older (though someone did ask me whether I was a high school student recently), but time seems to be flying! I really cannot believe we’re in the final month of 2012.

Mike and I recently hosted our first Thanksgiving with his mom and step-dad and my parents and brother. We made all the food (except the delicious stuffing my mom brought) and it turned out perfect! All the dishes were tasty and done at the same time (one of my big worries going in), but best of all was having so many people we love at our house for the holiday!

Mike kicked off the holiday gluttony early with a giant dosa (thin Indian pancake) that was soooooo good!

We ran a four-mile race on Thanksgiving and I had big plans for a PR … until I got the worst side stitch of my life at mile 3.25. Instead of freaking out, I really took it in stride (ha!) and after massaging it out, Mike and I jogged to the finish together.

Sometimes we try to bite leaves as they fall.

We spent the rest of Thanksgiving weekend relaxing, eating, running, walking, going to the movies, going to the Tea Party Museum (not the political party, the REAL Tea Party) and just enjoying being together without having to work for several days. It was a really wonderful–and much needed–long weekend.

We woke up to beautiful snow flurries on Saturday morning! I went for a glorious nine-mile run in them.

Then on Sunday we went to cut down our Christmas tree, a tradition now in its third year. 

We searched and searched until we found the perfect tree! Then Clark Griswold Mike Swartz cut it down.

When we got home, Mike made this ornament from a piece of our tree from last year. We’re going to make one from each of our trees.

We put on some Christmas music and poured some eggnog–the first of the season–and got to work decorating!

And we declared it the most perfect tree we’ve had yet!

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