A New Month

I vowed at the end of September to leave the horrible month behind me and embrace October as a new month and a good time for a fresh start. I’m pleased to say I’ve been successful at this and it has made October a much better month. I’ve been able to run, swim, bike and more again (more slowly and fewer miles) and it feels so good to be back out there! I really love exercising for the physical benefits of health, fitness, strength, etc., but I’ve been reminded that for me, exercising is hugely important for my mental health too.

Public GardenMichael and my mom came to visit the first weekend of October, which was so, so, so fun! We had some terrific meals, both at home and out (Beat Hotel and Bronwyn), and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Public Garden 2Michael and Mike played in a golf tournament on the Saturday of the weekend, so Muzzy and I spent an absolutely gorgeous fall day downtown, strolling along Charles Street, through the Boston Common and Public Garden and walking all of Newbury and Boylston.

ChampsAnd when the boys got home they told us that they had won the golf tournament! We were so proud of our champions and celebrated with sparkling rose and a meal of fresh fish and scallops, green beans, delicious bread and salad. We had an incredible fruit tart for dessert.

Fredericksburg RiverA week later we were off to Fredericksburg, Virginia, to witness the marriage of our friends Emily and Eric. It rained almost the entire time we were in town, but as usual, we made the most of our trip.

Fredericksburg EMWe wandered all over town checking out antique stores and the historic sites before settling in for a terrific lunch at Sammy T’s (we found it to be much better than the previous night’s dinner at Foode, which was mediocre at best). Then we found an amazing book store that was the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon.

Fredericksburg EEThe wedding itself was lovely and we were so excited to celebrate with our friends! Eric and Emily looked great and we were honored to be included in their special day.

Fredericksburg FlowersIsn’t this giant flower display gorgeous? I loved it!

Fredericksburg EM2We did some more wandering the next day before heading home. As much as traveling is fun, we are always so happy to come back to our house in Somerville. We’ve been making progress getting settled in here and I’m looking forward to spending our first holidays in the place. But first, a trip to Austin to visit brother-in-law/brother John!

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