October, Part 2

October absolutely flew by for us. Between weddings and travel and work and life, it was a busy and very fun month. Without further ado …

IMG_3790I made my second batch of biscotti, this time it was ginger with pieces of crystalized ginger throughout. It turned out fantastic and I think biscotti might be one of my new favorite things to bake! It helps to have a biscotti-lover living here who raves about how it’s the best he’s ever had.

IMG_3810One Saturday in October was spent working at Somerville Local First’s Harvest Fest. I’m on the board of this great organization and this was our big fundraising event of the year. It went really well and it was neat to see it from the other side.

IMG_3817Cooler temperatures have meant I’ve been cooking a lot more cozy meals. This mix of carrots, celery, onions and pink potatoes became a delicious lentil soup. This is one of my favorite fall/winter recipes and I highly recommend making it (and don’t skimp on the five-spice, it’s what makes the dish sing).

IMG_3826I used this gorgeous purple cauliflower to make a tofu coconut curry that was divine.

IMG_3829Crisp fall weather and finally being healed from my injury has gotten me out and about as much as possible. I’ve been running a lot and talking tons of walks–crunching on the fall leaves as I go.

IMG_3830In addition to our wonderful meals at home, we finally got to try a new restaurant in our neighborhood, Sarma. It’s the sister restaurant of two of our Boston favorites, Oleana and Sofra, and a huge win for our ‘hood. The meal was absolutely wonderful and we can’t wait to take friends and family there!

IMG_3840We also made a quick trip to New Hampshire to snag a snowblower that was generously donated to us by my parents. It was so relaxing to be on the lake, even if just for one day.

IMG_3844I love New England all year, but fall is when it really shines. The leaves are so beautiful right now and I just can’t get enough of them.

IMG_3848I spotted these beauties on a walk around Somerville and just had to snap a photo. I can’t wait to work on our yard next year.

Up next: Our big trip to Austin!

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