Christmas Vacation

We’re still enjoying a few more days of Christmas vacation, but before too much time goes by, I wanted to pop in and recap what we’ve done so far. We kicked off the break with our annual viewing of Christmas Vacation to really get us into the holiday spirit!

IMG_4283The next night we headed into Boston to watch the Bruins beat the Sabres. We munched delicious lobster rolls (seriously, the Garden has some of the best around), peanuts and beer.

IMG_4285And of course we sang along when Rene Rancourt belted out Christmas carols. It was awesome!

IMG_4294The next day we ran in the postponed Jingle Bell Run. We’ve participated for several years in a row and it’s always one of my favorite races. I got within about 20 seconds of my 5K PR from this summer, which both shocked and pleased me! Also, #margotandtodd.

IMG_4299Along with all the holiday treats, we kept things healthy with delicious green smoothies. They may look weird, but they taste amazing!

IMG_4308We drove out to Concord on Christmas Eve to celebrate the holiday with my mom, dad and brother as well as my aunt, uncle and cousins, who were in town from Washington, D.C., and South America. It was an absolutely lovely afternoon! We came home to wait for santa and were pleased to see he found us at our new house when we woke up on Christmas morning.

IMG_4313We had a delicious breakfast of waffles topped with a warm pear-cinnamon-vanilla mixture and lots of coffee. Then we opened presents, went running and relaxed in our PJs. It was such a fun first Christmas in our new house!

IMG_4318Mike made his famous homemade dough for our Christmas dinner and we feasted on our favorite pizzas (basil, tomato and mozzarella + green olives, feta cheese and cracked black pepper). YUM!

IMG_4320We visited my family in New Hampshire for a few days after Christmas. We exchanged presents (Mike immediately put on the wearable items), went skiing at Loon and got cozy by the fire. Saukee helped us open gifts and gnawed on a giant bone.

IMG_4322Pretty much all of our snow had melted at this point, so it was nice to see some of the fluffy white stuff up north. It was beautiful, as always, at my parents’ house.

IMG_4323When we got home we went straight to one of our favorite restaurants, Life Alive, and to see American Hustle, which was fantastic! We also put up our new flagpole and flag, which looks awesome on our house.

IMG_4330On Sunday we got breakfast at 3 Little Figs, one of our favorite Somerville cafes, and made pretzels to eat during the Patriots game. They came out perfect and were promptly devoured. You know it’s vacation when you eat pretzels and cookies for dinner!

IMG_4338We kept things low-key on New Year’s Eve, walking up to Highland Kitchen (our very favorite restaurant, in Somerville or anywhere). We had an awesome meal: Buffalo Brussels sprouts, lobster with risotto, catfish po’boy and chocolate pudding along with some tasty cocktails, beer and coffee. We continued the relaxed evening at home and watched Haute Cuisine (very cute) before ringing in 2014 at midnight.

IMG_4344We went for a run on New Year’s Day and to The Independent for brunch before trying to see The Wolf of Wall Street. When that didn’t pan out, we came home and I made pecan cranberry biscotti dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. Mike loves biscotti and since I made my first batch in the fall, it’s become one of my favorite things to bake!

Now we’re hunkered down watching the snow fall. Boston is expected to get more than a foot, so we’re staying put, just enjoying the extra downtime before diving back into real life next week. Hope you’re been having a lovely holiday season!

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