Hilton Head 2014

I’ve been going to Hilton Head, S.C., since I was a little kid. We moved a lot during the same time period, but Hilton Head was always a constant in our lives. We went there just the four of us a lot, though we often met up with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins or family friends. I have so many memories of the place and recently got to make more when Mike and I headed down there to meet up with the rest of the family!IMG_4429Running in shorts the first morning while it was snowing about a foot at home was glorious. And the nice weather meant Mike got to play lots of golf.IMG_4431No matter how many times I’ve been to Hilton Head, I can never get over how stunningly beautiful it is there.IMG_4434We spotted this heart-shaped leaf on a walk one day. IMG_4438One afternoon Muzzy took Mike and I to Bluffton, a cute little town nearby filled with art galleries, shops and restaurants. It was a gorgeous afternoon!IMG_4441Look ma, no coats in February!IMG_4442Of course we had to head to Harbor Town to check on things there. So beautiful.IMG_4446Me and Muzzy at Harbor Town.IMG_4452Saukee really doesn’t seem to like me much (or even notice when I’m around), but he loves Mike! This was after he licked Mike for several minutes straight. I think it’s true love!IMG_4453While in Hilton Head, I ran a half marathon! The weather wasn’t perfect, but it really wasn’t bad for running–cool with some rain. The race went great (I finished in 1:44:22 and was 81 out of 579 finishers and about the 15th woman overall) and was a huge confidence boost after last fall’s injury and my recent flu. IMG_4454Another race in the books and I can’t wait for more!IMG_4458It was pretty tough to leave this knowing that we were coming back to lots of snow and cold. We soaked up the lovely weather as much as we could!

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