January 2014

When we last left off the new year had just begun and already it’s February! January usually feels like a long month to me, but not this year. It was a good month, except the last week, which I spent in bed with a terrible case of the flu. I’m better now though and we’re diving right into February. But not without a look back at the last month …

IMG_4354The year started off with a snowstorm and after we dug out, we trekked up to Pat’s Peak in New Hampshire to go snowboarding.

IMG_4358We had an amazing day on the mountain! It was the perfect end to our winter break.IMG_4385Mike sent me flowers on a Thursday just because I was having kind of a rough day/week. He’s the best.IMG_4391We were supposed to go visit Mike’s mom and step-dad after the new year, but the snowstorm derailed our plans, so we headed over there later in January instead. We had a lovely weekend, including a 10-mile run on some country roads. We also saw Saving Mr. Banks, which we all loved.IMG_4392Mike is such a hardcore biker. He rides to work in pretty much all weather conditions and sometimes it just needs to be documented.IMG_4400Another early morning long run, this time through the streets of Somerville and Cambridge. It was a chilly, but beautiful morning along the Charles River near Harvard Square.IMG_4401We also finally got around to hosting a house warming party and it was such fun! IMG_4402The house looked beautiful and it was wonderful to have all of our friends over to see it. I really just love our home so much.IMG_4404I made some tasty baked goods, Mike whipped up a potent punch and we partied the night away.IMG_4408Also, Grant and I apparently shop at the same store. Twinsies!IMG_4409Speaking of how much I love our house, one of my favorite spots is my third-floor office. I’m tucked up there most days writing away and I just love the view. It changes so much depending on the season and winter is a great time for seeing beautiful sunsets.IMG_4416We’ve been spending a lot of time cheering on our beloved Bruins. Some of watch from the edge of our seats …er, ottomans.

Also in January we saw two fantastic plays: The Heart of Robin Hood at the American Repertory Theatre and We Are Proud to Present a Presentation at the Paramount Center. We also saw The Wolf of Wall Street and Nebraska, in addition to Saving Mr. Banks.

And now it’s February, which means lots of travel for us. Hope you’re having a terrific 2014 so far!

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