April Adventures

It’s finally … finally … starting to feel like spring here in Somerville! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and I decided to stash the emergency winter gloves I keep in my purse.

IMG_4632We dined on some delicious sushi one Friday evening followed by ice cream from our favorite scoop shop. It was kind of cold and rainy, but when has that ever stopped anyone in my family from eating a frozen treat?

IMG_4637We also had a lovely dinner in Chinatown one night before seeing the Book of Mormon. Now I know this is going to be a really unpopular opinion, but we did not love this show. Maybe it’s because we see so much great theater at the American Rep in Harvard Square or because our seats weren’t very good, but the second half really lost me. I’m glad we saw it to quell my curiously, but I’m not sure I would recommend it for the price.

IMG_4647Winter’s last stand!

IMG_4653Pretending it didn’t just snow by enjoying homemade nicoise salad for dinner. YUM!

IMG_4657I signed up for Boston Athletic Association’s medley this year (5K, 10K and half marathon) and the 5K was on Saturday. It was a gorgeous morning in Boston and despite the massive crowd at the start, I got a new PR by almost 20 seconds! My personal best now stands at 21:15 and I couldn’t have been happier. My wonderful sherpa-husband was by my side and we treated ourselves to breakfast at the incredible 3 Little Figs after the race.

IMG_4663At our house the Easter bunny brings biscotti (almond and dark chocolate chip).

IMG_4665I decided the outside of the house needed some cheering up, so I got a bunch of plants and soil to put in pots around the front. It was a fun activity and looks much more lively. I can’t wait until we really tackle the outside.

IMG_4669Yesterday was a big one in Boston–Marathon Monday! This is always one of my favorite days of year and my hopes were high that this one would be a lot more joyful than last year. Mike had the day off so he joined me to cheer on the runners in Kenmore Square. We screamed the loudest when my cousin Tyler ran by with the elite field, ultimately finishing in two hours and 21 minutes!!!

IMG_4671It was a gorgeous day and just what we all needed after last year’s tragedy.

IMG_4683We spent the rest of day enjoying the sun and painting some birdhouses. We’re participating in a cool public art/community building project this Saturday and had to get our contributions ready. We decorated them in Beat colors!

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