June, Finally

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: summer! I remember during many dark, cold winter days longing for the days when we’d be able to wear shorts, go outside without freezing and eat fresh, local food. Well, it’s here. And it’s awesome.

IMG_4916June brought beautiful flowers galore! We’ve done so much work to our yard/garden beds this year and I’m so pleased with how everything is turning out. This is a beautiful rose bush we’re training up on a trellis.

IMG_4929All that gardening requires some unwinding, so we hit up a local craft beer festival a couple of weeks ago. We enjoyed many of the beers and ciders we tried, but the best part was meeting Shawn Thornton! We are huge Bruins fans, so actually talking to him was incredible. We played it cool (ha!) until we were out of earshot. Unfortunately, he’s no longer a B, but we’ll always be fans.

IMG_4932The day after the beer fest wasn’t super summery, so we drove up to Salem to have lunch at Life Alive and check out the Turner exhibit at the Peabody-Essex Museum. Both were divine. And then the clouds parted so we went to Richardson’s to get ice cream cones as big as our heads. We also played mini golf and tied! Re-match coming soon …

IMG_4955The warmer weather has meant eating lots of fresh, local food. We’ve been firing up the grill a lot and managed to make perfect grilled pizzas this weekend. We’ve attempted them a few times, but finally got all of the elements right and it was so delicious.

IMG_4957The pizza served as fuel for the B.A.A. 10K on Sunday morning, which was awesome! I ran a two-minute PR and was so proud of my effort and time. It was especially nice to have my biggest supporter waiting at the end ready to get a celebratory breakfast at 3 Little Figs.

IMG_4941The flowers Muzzy and I planted a few weeks ago are growing like crazy and creating such a wonderful oasis in our backyard. We’ve been loving sitting outside and enjoying them.

IMG_4962We kept the fresh, summery theme going with raw oysters at home this weekend. Mike shucked them perfectly and made a delicious mignonette to accompany them. YUM!

IMG_4953Gorgeous heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market.

IMG_4970It’s hard to believe that this is the same yard we inherited when we moved in. It’s taken a lot of sweat, hard work and some tough decisions, but we’ve turned it into a wonderful space that we can hopefully enjoy for years to come. New chairs, an umbrella and some comfy cushions are the perfect spot to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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