May Days

From the moment we first looked at our house we knew we wanted to remove the rather large fountain and concrete basin surrounding it in the backyard. It wasn’t a priority last year, as we were really focused on the inside of the house, but as soon as the snow melted, we couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

IMG_4761Isn’t it lovely?

IMG_4706We were able to dismantle the fountain and actually sold it to someone for $100!

IMG_4710Then Mike got to work jack-hammering it. The concrete basin turned out to be made of giant stones and bricks held together by concrete, so it was quite a job.

IMG_4711By the time he was done, we had an impressive pile of debris.

IMG_4721Looking better! After having the concrete and other debris hauled away, weeds took root where they had been. We got rid of them and moved onto the next step of the transformation.

IMG_4830A mountain of soil arrived and we got to work moving it into what would soon be a garden bed. It’s a good thing we had a lot of practice shoveling this year. We quickly learned that soil is WAY heavier than snow, but by tackling it together, we got the soil in place.

IMG_4835Then my mom came down and helped turn it into a beautiful perennial garden. She has a major green thumb and her knowledge was beyond helpful with this part of the process. Also, we had lots of fun digging in the dirt!

IMG_4851And now it’s all planted and mulched! It’s hard to believe that a month ago the fountain was still here and now the space is a beautiful garden that we will be able to enjoy for years to come. It was a tremendous amount of work, but so worth it.

IMG_4844While I had my mom’s help the other day, we got the other garden beds around our property in shape, translating things, weeding and generally taming the areas. One of my dear friends gave me a re-blooming lilac for my birthday–she knows me too well!

IMG_4853I can’t believe I have a house with a lilac bush and two hydrangeas–seriously a dream come true. Mike and I finished the project with some mulch and can’t wait to enjoy the fruits of our labor all summer long.

IMG_4859We treated ourselves to lobsters–first time cooking them at home and it was so easy and fun! They were tasty paired with asparagus and olive bread from the farmers market. Strawberry-rhubarb crisp/crumble rounded out the summery meal.

IMG_4871Into the pot they go!

IMG_4821Somewhere in there I also ran another half marathon. This was the Run to Remember, which was my previous PR, and it was just as fun this year. I got to rock my amazing shorts that Mike gave me for my birthday and came 20 seconds from my recent PR. Breakfast after with friends made for a pretty great day.

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