Summer Kick-Off

It may not officially be summer for a couple of weeks, but it’s starting to really feel like it here. That’s probably because I went up to the lake in New Hampshire this weekend for a super special few days with my family. Michael got the idea to surprise my dad for his birthday and we somehow managed to pull it off without a hitch!

IMG_4876I picked Michael up at the airport on my way north and we spent some time with muzzy while dad was at his golf league.

IMG_4875The lake was as gorgeous as ever and after dinner we hung outside for a bit trying to contain our mounting excitement.

IMG_4874By the time my dad got home we were in full-on hyper mode and nearly scared the poor man to death when he walked in the door. After recovering he was SO excited to see us and really couldn’t believe we were all there. The only one missing was Mike who was in Minneapolis at a conference.

IMG_4877We had sort of a rough spring as a family so it was extra nice to all be together under happy circumstances. We spent the next couple of days just hanging out and relaxing together. We also got lobster rolls and ice cream for my dad’s birthday–yum!

IMG_4882I hightailed it back to Somerville on Saturday because I was running the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon on Sunday morning. I somehow found my way to Boston College to pick up my bib and stumbled on Shalane Flanagan at the expo. I was seriously geeking out. After downing some pre-race pizza, I called it an early night.

IMG_4891The weather on race morning was absolutely beautiful! It was sunny and warm and I felt ready for my third half marathon in a month. I was a little nervous to go to the race alone, but everything worked out terrifically well.

IMG_4895I got to the race nice and early and Boston College was already packed with runners. The vibe was so friendly and positive, I seriously love the running community. And this race, which was put on by Runner’s World, was incredibly well-organized. By the time we lined up at the start it was pretty steamy, but I was just in it for fun anyway, so I didn’t let the warm temperatures get me down.

IMG_4902What a fun race! The course was beautiful and took us through some gorgeous neighborhoods, past nature areas and golf courses and up the infamous Heartbreak Hill. It didn’t break my heart, but after running 12 miles in the heat, it was not an easy climb! I made it to the top though and finished in 1:40:16, my third-fastest half marathon time ever. I was the 164th finished out of more than 3,000 runners and finished eighth in my age group, which included Shalane Falanagan, who ran by me during the race!

Mike got home on Sunday and we immediately got ice cream to celebrate the race and the fact that after months of feeling it it would never come, summer may finally be here.

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