Falmouth 2014

I’ve wanted to run the storied Falmouth Road Race for a few years now and earlier in 2014 I decided that I was going to run the race this year no matter what. You have to enter through a lottery and I couldn’t have been more excited when I got notified of my acceptance in late May!

The race was last weekend and it turned into a family affair when my father-in-law, who has a house in Falmouth, was in town, and my cousin Tyler decided to run the race as well, so his parents were there. Mike came of course and then my parents decided to trek down to the Cape as well. It was such a treat to all be together.

IMG_5206The rest of the gang went down on Friday, but Mike was traveling for work last week, so we didn’t head to the Cape until Saturday. The traffic turned out to be better than expected and I got my bib without a hitch. So we met up with the family in Woods Hole for a stroll around town and tour of Marshall’s labs at WHOI.

IMG_5217Going to the labs is such a treat because there’s always something incredibly cool to see. It was really fun to show the facilities off to the family.

IMG_5219All ready to race! We went to Stone L’Oven in downtown Falmouth for dinner so I could have my traditional pre-race pizza and salad. It was a tasty meal enjoyed with the whole family.

IMG_5221I got up in the dark on Sunday and managed to make and consume coffee and breakfast without waking anyone else up. Mike then drove me to the high school to board the buses to the start in Woods Hole.

IMG_5223I was worried about the logistics of the race and the whole weekend really, but it all worked out very well in the end. My only complaints were that there was no T-shirt and no race medal. And they recorded my time incorrectly at first. This really upset me when it happened, but it got resolved quickly so I let it go.

Having had an indulgent couple of weeks with some less-than-stellar training runs, I was really not expecting much from this race. Coupled with the fact that it doesn’t start until 9 a.m. (I usually run at the crack of dawn) and it was very warm and sunny, I was OK with whatever happened.

IMG_5225So you can say I was surprised when I had an incredible race! It was hot, hard and sweaty, but I gave it my all and finished in 51:26. I was so proud of my time and having my favorite people there at the end made it so much sweeter.

IMG_5226I came in as the 129th woman out of more than 6,000 participating in the race and as the 598th finisher overall out of more than 11,000 runners. And Tyler finished in the top 25 overall–speed demon!

IMG_5228In addition to having fun with the family, having such a great race (unexpectedly) really motivated me to rededicate myself to training well for the BAA Half (and the Seacoast Half) this fall. I’m so glad I finally got to run Falmouth and that my family could be such a big part of the weekend.

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