A Visitor

Last week was a short week made even briefer by the arrival of a visitor on Friday. My brother, Michael, flew up from D.C. to join us for a fun-filled weekend! We started things off by going shopping for plants (this is totally normal in our family, BTW) and taking a long walk.

IMG_5324I love our permanent garden, but I also like sprucing things up by using pots on the front steps and back patio area. So we picked out some fall plants to perk the yard up. We went with a purple theme, which looks gorgeous! And we snapped up two pretty perennials to replace a couple that died.

IMG_5329On Saturday, the boys went golfing and had a blast! They both played well and made it home before some massive thunderstorms descended on Somerville. I went for a great (if hot) long run, went to the farmers market and potted the aforementioned plants. And to cap off an already terrific day, we went to Highland Kitchen for dinner! It was a delicious meal (as always) and we had so much fun together.

IMG_5331Sunday morning brought coffee-sipping out in the yard, workshop prototyping and walking in the neighborhood. We were really psyched to be together for the first Patriots game of the season, especially because I couldn’t wait to wear the jersey Michael bought me!

IMG_5334We won’t discuss the outcome of the game or the fact that our dad is a huge Miami Dolphins fan. We’ll just say we had fun watching together and showing out love for the Pats. And with that, the weekend was over–what a great one!

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