Wedding Bells

This weekend one of my best friends, Meg, married her longtime sweetheart, Adam. They’ve been together for 12 years(!), own a house together and have a dog, so this¬†union has been in the works for a while. And I was honored that she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.

IMG_5368The wedding was in Portland, Maine, so we kicked off the weekend by picking up our friend Carly from the airport and heading north. We grabbed some lunch, took a stroll around town and got ready for the rehearsal and dinner.

IMG_5353The wedding took place outside overlooking Portland Harbor. It was a beautiful, if chilly, spot. Seemingly overnight fall has rushed in–pretty shocking after how hot it was at the end of the summer!

IMG_5379After we practiced walking down the aisle, we boarded a ferry to Peaks Island for the rehearsal dinner. We dined on lobster and blueberry cheesecake at a cute little inn.

IMG_5383The night was really fun–and cold!–I ended up wearing Mike’s jacket to stay warm. But I loved being with two of my best girls to celebrate such a happy occasion.

IMG_5359I had a long run on the training plan for Saturday, so after piling on pretty much all the workout clothes I’d brought, I set out. I ended up performing really well on the run, despite not fueling super great, not sleeping at all and the freezing temperatures (it was 40 degrees with frigid sea breezes).

IMG_5388After warming up with some oatmeal and coffee, Mike and I set off so I could find something warmer to wear over my dress later in the day. We found something suitable and had a terrific lunch at Silly’s. If this place was in Somerville, I would go there all the time. We loved it!

IMG_5392Then it was time to get ready again! After getting all dolled up and helping Meg get ready, we headed out on a train (so cool) to the ceremony spot. We lucked out big time because a storm was bearing down on Portland, but held off until after Meg and Adam said their vows.

IMG_5390We joined the rest of the guests for the remaining part of the cocktail hour then enjoyed dinner and lots of dancing for the rest of the night! My favorite parts of weddings are dancing a ton and enjoying cake (or cupcakes in this case) and coffee for dessert–such a treat!

We headed back to Boston on Sunday after running and breakfast to get ready for the week ahead and our upcoming vacation. It was sad to say good-bye to our friends, but we’re both really looking forward to getting away on our own very soon.

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