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I know I haven’t written about our big vacation yet, but I don’t want to miss any of the other stuff we’ve been up to, so here’s what’s happened since we got home. And just for the record, our trip was amazing!

IMG_5902Fall has arrived in Somerville and it’s beautiful! I wouldn’t really say I’m looking forward to winter (which, of course, comes after fall, but I am really enjoying our current, beautiful season.

IMG_5909Upstatement has been humming along, hosting several big events recently. At one, Mike, Grant and I decided it would be fun (and super cool), if we all dressed alike.

IMG_5922I ran in the B.A.A.’s Half Marathon on Columbus Day weekend and it was fantastic! Muzzy and Mike were there to cheer me on as I completed the Distance Medley in the third and final race of the series. I was really pleased with my race, finishing in 1:37:19 as the 547th finisher out of 6,211 total runners, as the 102nd woman out of 3,529 and as the 16th female ages 30-34 out of 611. And I got the results from the Distance Medley, which put me as the 4th female finisher in the 30-34 age group out of 199 competitors and as the 16th woman overall out of 917. Competing in the Distance Medley this year was so fun–I loved the challenge–and I was really happy with the results!

IMG_5935We’ve also been doing some fall decorating, like getting pumpkins shaped just like our heads.

IMG_5938While Mike was busy hosting a big event at Upstatement last weekend, I was scurrying around at Harvest Fest, Somerville Local First’s annual fundraiser. This is my second time helping plan and host as a board member and while it wasn’t all smooth sailing, I’m really proud of how things turned out!

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