Falling Into Autumn

It feels like Halloween was just yesterday yet somehow Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! I thought summer flew by, but these last few weeks have absolutely raced past as well. Here’s what we’re been up to …

IMG_5947I love New England all year (OK, maybe not during the polar vortex), but fall is when this place really shines. I’ve been loving all the beautiful leaves. And even bought and used a leaf-blower to tackle the ones on our property. Along with the gas grill it’s one of my favorite purchases!

IMG_5952We spent Halloween at home handing out candy to a few kids, eating donuts and watching the Roosevelts (so good!). Mike told me everyone was dressing up for work so he hauled my old bee costume out of the basement. Turns out, he was the only one in the Halloween spirit, but he rocked it anyway! We were also graced with our first snow shower of the season that weekend–brr!

IMG_5955Last weekend we went to Portsmouth, N.H., so I could run in my 10th(!) half marathon at the place it all began, the Seacoast Half Marathon. We went up on Saturday and enjoyed walking around the cute little town for a bit before chowing down on the always delicious Flatbread Pizza for dinner.

IMG_5957It was a low-key trip, but so nice to get away for the night and spend time together!

IMG_5964The race itself was great–perfect weather (overcast in the 40s with no wind), the course was beautiful (along the ocean for a lot of it) and I had no goals except to run my best that day and complete my 10th half marathon. It was so fun and I was really proud after!

IMG_5963It was extra special because my favorite guy was there cheering me on. We celebrated after by eating an amazing breakfast at the Golden Egg that consisted of a cinnamon bun the size of my head, a terrific omelette and other goodies. YUM!

I’ve been basking in the glow all week, which is good because I’m having some knee trouble that’s got me resting hardcore right now. Other than that, we’re looking forward to all the holiday fun and madness to come in the next couple of months.


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