Thanksgiving 2014 & Beyond

It feels like it was just Halloween and now Thanksgiving is over and we’re on to Christmas. I absolutely love the holidays, so no complaints here. I’ve got a bunch of fun to share today, so without further ado …IMG_5155Our Christmas cactus decided the holiday should come early this year, so it’s already sprouted some blooms. More look to be on the way.

IMG_5175We’ve had a few small snowfalls this year, though luckily they’ve all melted quickly. I’ll be happy for a white Christmas, but a few more weeks with bare ground wouldn’t hurt.

IMG_5186We stayed in town again for Thanksgiving and got to run the Gobble Gobble Gobble four-mile race that morning. We dressed as twins (#margotandtodd) and even got to say hi to Tyler at the start before he WON the race! IMG_5190Back home we got ready for the big meal. Mike’s mom and step-dad drove over from the Albany area and we enjoyed a delicious and fun dinner together. It was our third year hosting and despite a minor pie mishap that was quickly remedied, I feel like I really got it down this year. The key for me is lots of planning, lots of prep the day before and a good plan for leftovers. It was a really nice holiday.IMG_5206We wanted to kick the holidays off right away after Thanksgiving and do something special while our family was in town, so I got tickets for The Nutcracker at the Boston Ballet.IMG_5203We had awesome seats and all of us loved the performance! The music, the dancing, the costumes and the sets were all incredible. It was a very memorable experience.IMG_5194Getting festive for the holidays!IMG_5243We said good-bye to Beth and Billy on Saturday and quickly got to work dismantling the fall decorations around the house. Then on Sunday we picked up some Christmas decorating supplies and got our tree!IMG_5218In years past we’ve cut it down, but our house isn’t really conducive to having a huge tree, so this year we went to Ricky’s in Union Square and got a sweet little one that fits perfectly.IMG_5207And we did some outside decorating for the holidays too. Mike put lights up in a hibiscus bush on the side of our house and we wrapped lighted garlands around our stair railings in the front. It was so fun to make the outside as festive as the inside this year.

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