Christmas, New Year’s and Everything in Between

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe, but 2014 is over and 2015 has arrived. We were lucky enough to essentially take two weeks off to celebrate the holidays, rest, relax, recharge and have some fun. Here’s a look at what we were up to …IMG_5353We celebrated all of Upstatement’s 2014 achievements and began looking ahead to the good things 2015 will bring at the holiday party. It was held at Spoke Wine Bar in Somerville this year and featured delicious food and drinks as well as great conversation.IMG_5363We set off for New Hampshire at the very beginning of the break to celebrate the holidays with Muzzy, Bob and Michael. And Saukee. One of the best parts was all of the amazing food we ate–walnut crescents (pictured above), pumpkin cheesecake, eggplant parmesan, fish tacos and more.IMG_5366We also took advantage of the mild weather and went on some really nice walks.IMG_5368And caught this beautiful December sunset on one of them.IMG_5370This crazy pup thinks he’s a lap dog. No one seems to mind.IMG_5377Michael gave us one of the best presents ever: Bruins snuggies! They’ve already gotten a lot of use.IMG_5410Continuing with the Bruins theme, we went to a game on December 23. We had our traditional lobster rolls and peanuts while cheering our guys on to victory. My man Marchand scored two goals and I got to wear the sweet bear hat Jared gave me and a new Bruins shirt from Michael. #dontpokethebearIMG_5429We spent a lot of Christmas Eve in the kitchen, starting with making these delicious and decorative gingerbread cookies. Mike is responsible for most of the lovely designs, but we both helped eat them. For Christmas Eve dinner, we enjoyed a Cooper Hill pinot noir as a throwback to our trip to Oregon, where we really loved the wines. We paired it with a Field Roast, mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and roasted green beans. IMG_5433Christmas Day dawned rainy, but we were snug in our cozy house. Looks like both of us landed on the nice list this year!IMG_5436Our fun in the kitchen continued with Christmas breakfast. I made a family friend’s famously delicious caramel pecan cinnamon rolls. I cook a lot, like multiple times a day, but yeast dough is something I’m not super comfortable with, usually leaving it to Mike. But I tackled these on my own and they came out amazingly well! And while they were great for breakfast, they were even better for dessert with vanilla ice cream.IMG_5439We had a wonderful Christmas full of cozy gifts, like a new winter coat, socks and gloves, and many beautiful handmade items, like this nifty Patriots ornament that Mike fashioned. We also both got chocolate, yum! We did our traditional Christmas run together and made pizza for dinner, which was terrific. IMG_5444Somerville has free public skating several times each week, so we took advantage of having the day after Christmas off and went to the local rink. It was a blast!IMG_5451After skating we hit up Forge Baking Co., a new cafe in Somerville from the owners of two of our favorite spots, Bloc 11 and Diesel. It was our second time visiting in a week, so I think it’s safe to say we liked it. Look for a post on the Beat soon!IMG_5455We had some seriously warm weather over the break so Mike took advantage of it and went golfing! We also hit up the new Harvard Art Museum and enjoyed steaming bowls of pho in Harvard Square. IMG_5462And before we knew it, it was New Year’s Eve! We got all fancy and went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, True Bistro. We had a beautiful meal that was the perfect way to end the year.IMG_5497After dinner we came home to watch the rest of the Bruins game that was on.IMG_5498Some of us really showed our team spirit! And we rang in the new year while watching Harry Potter. We received the DVDs as a Christmas gift and have been really enjoying re-watching them.

IMG_5504We went on our traditional New Year’s Day run together and decided that we should wear all the colors, all at once! We also went to brunch at The Independent, which was so fun, and watched the Winter Classic hockey game.IMG_5508We also put together this incredible puzzle that we got at The Games People Play in Harvard Square. Mike built a snazzy puzzle board to construct it on and we had a marathon final session fitting all those white and gray pieces together.IMG_5513To cap off the break, we took ourselves to Highland Kitchen, another longtime favorite Somerville restaurant. We had a fabulous meal and it snowed while we were out, which was so pretty!IMG_5515We took the long way home to enjoy the snowfall. We ended the break with another ice skating session and watching the new episode of Downtown Abbey. It was such a fun time off and I’m so grateful we were able to enjoy it together! Now, back to business …

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