January Journeys

I have to admit that I was really dreading winter this year. After the polar vortex, I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. But now that we’re in the thick of things, I have to say that winter and I are mostly getting along. Sure there have been some very cold, very gray days, but we have had almost no snow, which means almost no shoveling. Plus I love winter food and getting really cozy, which you can’t really do in the summer.IMG_5519This was on a particularly chilly day when I decided to suck it up, bundle up and just take a walk anyway.IMG_5521Mere days later this happened. Yes, I got ice cream when it was below zero (with the windchill). Once an Andrews, always an Andrews.


Brr! Mike was in Minnesota during this cold snap and it was REALLY freezing there.

IMG_5528One of the nice things about winter is that I’m usually still in my third-floor office when the sun sets. And with no leaves on the trees, I can see pretty far.IMG_5532We have been very busy watching our various favorite sports teams (Go Patriots, Go Bruins). Some days, we have to support both, which makes for some very festive outfits.IMG_5540We ventured to upstate New York to visit Mike’s mom and step-dad and enjoyed seeing their renovated kitchen. Some of us also decided to go running despite the cold temps. It actually wasn’t bad at all (granted, I had on many layers and ski gloves).IMG_5547We saw Selma (so good) and just enjoyed some time together after the holiday hoopla.IMG_5553And we finished the weekend by cheering the Pats on to victory in the AFC Championship. Now we’re looking forward to the Super Bowl in two weeks!

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