Snow It Goes

I’m sure other things have been happening in the world, but all we in Boston can really do is focus on the snow, oh the snow. After four huge storms in less than a month, we are seriously buried over here and beating snow records left and right.

IMG_5749Another week, another snowstorm. At least there’s a pretty sky in this shot. And those icicles? We just had a bunch of guys here removing them … good times!IMG_5754We busted out a bit more between the last two storms, walking to our favorite breakfast spot (3 Little Figs) for a wonderful meal. Local businesses have been really hurt by the bad weather and we were happy to lend our support.IMG_5761Despite being pummeled by yet another storm, we braved the snow on Valentine’s Day to have a yummy meal at Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square. We also saw the latest play at the American Repertory Theater, Father Comes Home From The Wars (Parts 1, 2 &3), which was excellent.IMG_5764This year marked our 10th Valentine’s Day together and it was so nice to get out and celebrate. We even stopped at Pinocchio’s Pizza for slices after the show!IMG_5774On Sunday morning we woke up to this. After a treadmill run (seriously grateful to have one in our basement right now), I made pancakes for breakfast and we spent the morning catching up on Jeopardy! and working on a puzzle.IMG_5776I spotted this at Porter Square Books and had to get it for Mike (along with a mana-tea infuser) for Valentine’s Day! It was both fun and funny and really helped make another day indoors more bearable. For dinner I whipped up a Sweet Potato Peanut Chickpea Soup that I concocted by combining several recipes. It was so delicious–perfect for a frigid, snowy day.IMG_5786Mike always gets me flowers or a plant for Valentine’s Day from a local florist and this year he picked up a coffee plant! The gift from last year is going strong, so I have high hopes for this new addition. It’s so nice to have some life growing inside when the outside is a sea of white.IMG_5792Despite very cold temperatures and howling winds, we decided we had to get out on Monday. We bundled up and went on a super long trek around Somerville. It was great for both body and mind. We had such fun tromping around and getting a glimpse of Somerville completely buried in snow.IMG_5817This is our personal pile right outside our back door. This is all snow that has piled up as Mike has removed it from our driveway.IMG_5818And the snow removal king himself! How many days until spring?

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