When I last left off we were digging out from the blizzard that struck at the end of January. It crippled the city (really the state) and we were left with a ton of snow. Since then we’ve gotten so much more and it’s still falling.

IMG_5654Even though we’ve essentially been snowed in for weeks, I managed to duck out of town for a couple of days to visit Carly, Michael and their new baby John in Minnesota. Surprisingly, it was warmer and less snowy there than in Boston.IMG_5659It was wonderful to get away for a bit and spend the weekend with friends. The best part? Cuddling with this cutie.IMG_5687I made it home in time to cheer the Pats on to victory in the Super Bowl! Mike and I were on the edge of our seats during the game and were so excited when they won.IMG_5688We were then pummeled with many more inches of snow that left huge mounds behind. Luckily the sun came out when it was time to clear what we could.IMG_5694Parking is at a premium right now and people have been getting creative with space savers (yes that’s a vacuum behind the inflatable banana).IMG_5719Mike and I high-tailed it out of town last weekend to visit Michael in New Hampshire (he’s up for snowmobiling fun and the Fishing Derby). We managed to squeeze in a quick day of snowboarding at Gunstock before having to flee for home with another snowstorm heading our way.IMG_5720It was great to finally be able to enjoy the snow instead of just being inconvenienced by it. The day was also a nice reminder of just how beautiful the Lakes Region really is. We had to cut the trip short, but hopefully we’ll be able to hit the slopes again soon.IMG_5728And now we’re snowed in again as we get up to another two feet of snow on top of what we already have. We’ve broken so many of Boston’s snow records this winter and at this rate, we’ll break even more. Send sun!

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