More Lion Than Lamb

We survived! Though it’s only felt like spring a few times, winter is officially over. We made the most of March, a month that was mostly cold (and often snowy). But we’re coming out on the other side and I’m so glad.IMG_6078We finally made it to Tatte Bakery in Cambridge and it was amazing. We tucked into large, delicious breakfasts and big coffees there on a rainy Saturday morning. These were some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had. So good in fact that I’m still thinking about them.IMG_6079_2This buttery, flaky pistachio croissant came with Mike’s meal, but he was kind enough to share.IMG_6080_2Saturday mornings call for large coffees.IMG_6081_2The cold weather has us drinking lots of cozy tea. Mike’s been putting his Valentine’s Day mana-tea to good use.IMG_6086_2We ran in an Irish 5K in Davis Square that was really fun. It’s so nice to be able to finally run outside regularly again!IMG_6089_2It snowed. Again.IMG_6124We finally went to a Somerville institution, Vinny’s at Night, a tiny Italian restaurant not far from where we live. It was hearty and delicious (full review on the Beat soon).IMG_6133We’ve also been cooking up a lot of good food at home. This salmon, hasselback potato and purple cabbage all came from the farmers market. Yum!IMG_6147I could hardly believe it when I spotted these green shoots. I literally jumped into/over a snowbank to snap this photo.IMG_6152The French Toast Alert was high at our house last weekend. It was snowing (again), so we made amazing French toast with this challah bread. So good!IMG_6167Last night we got to hang out with some of our oldest and dearest friends. <3IMG_6144The pile continues to melt. Can’t wait to see who wins the #somsnow15 contest on the Beat. And to garden, sit outside and grill!

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