Getting Warmer

It finally feels like spring here, hooray! Here’s what we’ve been up to now that the weather has gotten a little nicer …IMG_6327We broke out the grill for the first time this year and have used it a ton since because our stove/oven is broken. Really glad this didn’t happen during the winter when the grill was buried under many feet of snow!IMG_6349Flowers are popping up and trees are budding. It’s a sight for sore eyes.IMG_6352Cannot get enough of all the early season blooms!IMG_6356We had a really fun weekend starting with a sushi date and drinks at Backbar in Union Square. One of my cocktails had a flower in the ice cube and all were incredibly delicious.IMG_6362Mike played golf on Saturday and on Sunday we met some new friends for a hike in the nearby Middlesex Fells. ┬áIt wasn’t super nice out, but it was actually great hiking weather and it was really nice to get out of the city for a bit.IMG_6363The view from Wright’s Tower never gets old!IMG_6366Happy hikers after a winter trapped indoors. On Sunday night we met up with more friends for a birthday celebration that involved cake, ice cream and whipped cream, as all birthdays should. Now, onto the week ahead!

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