May Days

Spring has really and truly officially sprung! We’ve been having terrific weather and it looks like it’s going to continue all week. We are very excited.IMG_6390Friday started with a trip to an old school Somerville pastry shop (that actually closed today) to get some tasty treats for dessert later that night. They were awesome!IMG_6399The reason for the special desserts was Mike’s mom and step-dad visiting for the weekend. We enjoyed them with drinks on Friday before striking out on Saturday for Somerville Open Studios.IMG_6402Somerville Open Studios is one of the absolute best weekends of the year and we were so lucky to have great weather for it. We visited a lot of incredible spaces and saw so many friends on our walkabout.IMG_6418Loved this little elephant at Dancing Water Studios.IMG_6431We also stopped to smell the many beautiful blooming flowers along the way.IMG_6436We¬†took a rest on the roof deck at Mad Oyster Studios.IMG_6457After a bit of a rest we walked to Davis Square for an amazing meal at Spoke Wine Bar. We had incredible drinks/wine, food and service. Always a terrific time!IMG_6482I did more Open Studios on Sunday, which was always gorgeous. I’m loving all of the bright, beautiful flowers popping up all around town.IMG_6483The bike path … it seems like not that long ago that it was covered with snow and ice. So much better now.IMG_6486More spring pretties!

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