It’s official, I’m 31. I had a really fun birthday week, starting with dinner and fro-yo with a dear friend, trivia with some other friends (we won!) and beautiful weather all week. The celebration continued over the weekend with more fun with Mike.IMG_6509_1024Michael sent me the most beautiful orchid for my birthday. I love it so much! I also got so many really lovely cards, a delicious-looking cookbook, lots of tea, a pretty succulent arrangement, some cash for new clothes and a new computer, which I’m currently typing on.IMG_6514_1024For my birthday dinner, Mike and I walked to Sarma for a really delicious meal. We had amazing wine and drinks and spectacular food, as always. The dishes are so creative and flavorful, we always leave feeling satisfied.IMG_6519_1024Saturday dawned a bit cool and rainy, but we stuck to our planned outing and went to breakfast at Tatte after a quick run. This is seriously one of my absolute favorite places I’ve ever eaten–I had the pancakes and a giant coffee and it was perfect.IMG_6525_1024Then we packed up and drove to the North Shore to hike the dunes at Crane Beach. We discovered a quiet, peaceful network of trails traversing the dunes.IMG_6529_1024Walking on the sand was a good workout, especially with all the up and down of the trail. The best parts were the glimpses of the ocean from the dunes.IMG_6540_1024The weather turned out to be perfect for hiking. It was mostly sunny with a cool ocean breeze. We absolutely loved this activity and would do it again (and recommend it to others)!IMG_6560_1024We worked up quite an appetite on the trail, so after our hike and a toe-dip in the ocean (brr), we went to Woodman’s of Essex for lobster rolls. They were our first of the season and we savored every bite–yum!IMG_6566_1024After lunch we went to Richardson’s for a round of mini-golf. We both got holes in one, but let’s just say it wasn’t our best round. More incentive to return for practice later this season.IMG_6567_1024After mini-golf, we snagged some amazing ice cream cones (peanut butter Oreo for me, pistachio for Mike) and took a stroll around Richardson’s to say hi to all the farm animals. Moo.IMG_6572_1024Lastly, Mike hit some balls at the driving range while I lounged in the sun. I was lucky enough to continue the fun on Monday with a fun outing with my mom and aunt. We had lunch outside, took a lovely walk and went to a plant nursery all while chatting away.┬áIt was a wonderful birthday celebration and the perfect way to welcome in my next year of life!

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