Summa Summa Time

How is it already almost July? Something I want to remember next winter is that everything is always changing and nothing lasts forever. Summer flies by and winter drags, but really, they’re both impermanent states that we should just embrace while they’re happening. Here’s us embracing summer.thumb_IMG_6948_1024Rainbow! We have a great vantage point out our back door for rainbows when they occur. This one was a beauty and the whole neighborhood seemed to be out looking for it.thumb_IMG_6952_1024The garden is looking really robust this year and I made some friends one recent morning while doing some weeding.thumb_IMG_6961_1024Speaking of the garden, our rose bush is so beautiful and fragrant, I love it! So far it’s been really easy to take care of, so fingers crossed that it says that way.thumb_IMG_6981_1024We took advantage of a summery night a few weeks ago to head to Fenway for a Red Sox game. The team lost, but we had a great time sipping beer, eating peanuts and lobster rolls and people watching.

thumb_IMG_6977_1024The people in front of us were doing some serious selfie-taking and turned around during the game to say a Facebook friend had seen the photo and wanted to know where Mike’s shirt was from (he made a guest appearance in the background). So stylish!thumb_IMG_7076_1024The farmers market is one of my favorite places and I have been loving going every weekend. We’ve been eating so much delicious fresh food from it like strawberries, greens, peas, squash and, of course, bagels.thumb_IMG_7110_1024We’ve also been eating a lot of fresh ice cream. A long walk to Louie’s in East Somerville last week was the perfect way to spend a summer evening. Richardson’s Ice Cream for the win!thumb_IMG_7121_1024As part of my work on the Somerville Local First Board of Directors, I helped put on our annual prom on Friday night. The theme was 1950s/Back to the Future.thumb_IMG_7149_1024Last weekend wasn’t super summery, but we still got out and about on Saturday. After a trip to the farmers market, Mike and I went to Lambert’s in Dorchester for lunch and strolled along the nearby Harborwalk to the Kennedy Library. It was so fun!thumb_IMG_7151_1024And this week we have a lot to look forward to: a trip up to New Hampshire to see the family, including Michael, who will be home from D.C. Can’t wait!

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