How is 2015 already halfway over? I can’t believe how quickly it’s flying by. Thought I had during the July 4 fireworks: that it could serve as a sort of mid-point New Year’s to check in with how the year’s going so far and get a fresh start for the second half. Going to try to keep that in mind going forward. In less serious news, here are some recent snapshots.

thumb_IMG_7175_1024I’ve been loving the warm, sunny summer mornings, like the recent one where I snapped this shot of the Prospect Hill Monument. One of my favorite places in Somerville.thumb_IMG_7184_1024We were fortunate¬†enough to spend three whole days up in new Hampshire for the Fourth of July this year and lucked out with almost all great weather (minus a few rainy hours on Saturday).thumb_IMG_7190_1024We spent lots of time lounging outside, reading, sailing, golfing, paddle boarding (see below), eating, walking and just relaxing.thumb_IMG_7199_1024King of the paddle board!thumb_IMG_7207_1024Paddle boarding was so fun. Mike and I had done it before but this was even better. It felt so joyful.thumb_IMG_7228_1024Michael tried his hand at it too and had so much fun he laughed himself right off of the thing!thumb_IMG_7239_1024Ice cream in town was a must. We walked around just enjoying the beautiful evening, including new art that’s cropping up in Meredith.thumb_IMG_7243_1024OK, now you’re just showing off.thumb_IMG_7250_1024We had a lobster feast for the Fourth, which was delicious and wonderful.thumb_IMG_7261_1024Topped it off with our own personal fireworks show on the dock with this silly guy. We didn’t leave home but got to take in about 10 fireworks displays that neighbors and other lake residents shot off. It was magical!¬†thumb_IMG_7271_1024We also resurrected some lanterns for a little wedding throwback. Loved setting them off again–it brought back such beautiful memories.thumb_IMG_7283_1024Such a special night. Wish it didn’t have to go by so fast and end so soon.

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