Fall Fun

Fall is in full swing here and we’ve been enjoying it at every turn.thumb_IMG_8183_1024Flowers from our garden! I thought our Black-Eyed Susans weren’t going to bloom at all, but they’ve been a riot of blooms all fall.thumb_IMG_8210_1024We went up to New Hampshire to visit Muzzy and Bob over the weekend and went on a nice hike near Castle in the Clouds. It was a crisp, but beautiful way to get outdoors and see the foliage. thumb_IMG_8215_1024I’ve been all over the world, but New Hampshire truly is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been.thumb_IMG_8233_1024It was also Sandwich Fair weekend, so we stopped by to say hi to all of our animal friends (Mike especially loved the geese and cows, of course). We also loaded up on fair food–soup in bread bowls, fried pickles, fried dough, doughnuts and cider. So glad we made it this year!thumb_IMG_8251_1024And now we’re home and the leaves are changing in Somerville too. I snapped this photo on the way back from breakfast yesterday morning. It was such a picture-perfect fall day.

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