Summa Summa Time

How is it already almost July? Something I want to remember next winter is that everything is always changing and nothing lasts forever. Summer flies by and winter drags, but really, they’re both impermanent states that we should just embrace while they’re happening. Here’s us embracing summer.thumb_IMG_6948_1024Rainbow! We have a great vantage point out our back door for rainbows when they occur. This one was a beauty and the whole neighborhood seemed to be out looking for it.thumb_IMG_6952_1024The garden is looking really robust this year and I made some friends one recent morning while doing some weeding.thumb_IMG_6961_1024Speaking of the garden, our rose bush is so beautiful and fragrant, I love it! So far it’s been really easy to take care of, so fingers crossed that it says that way.thumb_IMG_6981_1024We took advantage of a summery night a few weeks ago to head to Fenway for a Red Sox game. The team lost, but we had a great time sipping beer, eating peanuts and lobster rolls and people watching.

thumb_IMG_6977_1024The people in front of us were doing some serious selfie-taking and turned around during the game to say a Facebook friend had seen the photo and wanted to know where Mike’s shirt was from (he made a guest appearance in the background). So stylish!thumb_IMG_7076_1024The farmers market is one of my favorite places and I have been loving going every weekend. We’ve been eating so much delicious fresh food from it like strawberries, greens, peas, squash and, of course, bagels.thumb_IMG_7110_1024We’ve also been eating a lot of fresh ice cream. A long walk to Louie’s in East Somerville last week was the perfect way to spend a summer evening. Richardson’s Ice Cream for the win!thumb_IMG_7121_1024As part of my work on the Somerville Local First Board of Directors, I helped put on our annual prom on Friday night. The theme was 1950s/Back to the Future.thumb_IMG_7149_1024Last weekend wasn’t super summery, but we still got out and about on Saturday. After a trip to the farmers market, Mike and I went to Lambert’s in Dorchester for lunch and strolled along the nearby Harborwalk to the Kennedy Library. It was so fun!thumb_IMG_7151_1024And this week we have a lot to look forward to: a trip up to New Hampshire to see the family, including Michael, who will be home from D.C. Can’t wait!

Recent Happenings

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I last blogged here, but I have a feeling it’s the nice weather that’s been keeping me off the computer and out in the world. Not a bad thing, especially after our horrendous winter. Here are some recent snapshots …

thumb_IMG_6729_1024Loved lilac season, as always, and the many other beautiful blooms we have in our (and our neighbor’s yards).thumb_IMG_6777_1024Brother Bear came to visit, so I went to New Hampshire to play for the weekend. We had a nice time fishing, eating lots of pie and generally relaxing.thumb_IMG_6782_1024Of all the places I’ve been, Lake Winnipesaukee still takes the cake for being one of the most beautiful.thumb_IMG_6807_1024Muzzy and I took the kayaks out for the first paddle of the season. I love getting out on the water like this.thumb_IMG_6834_1024Our peonies bloomed and I tried to capture their fleeting beauty with photos and fresh-cut bouquets.thumb_IMG_6840_1024I’ve been back at yoga and refueled one sunny Saturday with this delicious muesli bowl from 3 Little Figs.thumb_IMG_6847_1024Our perennial garden is looking terrific! So many of the plants from last year have come back strong and I’ve added some new ones to fill it out.thumb_IMG_6854_1024We celebrated all things delicious at the Taste of Somerville and on a date to Beat Hotel in Harvard Square.thumb_IMG_6911_1024We capped off the evening with a long walk and frozen treats at Gracie’s Ice Cream in Union Square.thumb_IMG_6914_1024We strolled up to our old stomping grounds on Prospect Hill to watch the sun set over the city.thumb_IMG_6924_1024Sunday mornings were made for pancakes (and coffee).thumb_IMG_6926_1024The cakes and coffee provided the perfect fuel for a leisurely hike in the Blue Hills Reservation and a picnic. We’re loving this warmer, sunnier weather and plan to soak it up as much as we can.


It’s official, I’m 31. I had a really fun birthday week, starting with dinner and fro-yo with a dear friend, trivia with some other friends (we won!) and beautiful weather all week. The celebration continued over the weekend with more fun with Mike.IMG_6509_1024Michael sent me the most beautiful orchid for my birthday. I love it so much! I also got so many really lovely cards, a delicious-looking cookbook, lots of tea, a pretty succulent arrangement, some cash for new clothes and a new computer, which I’m currently typing on.IMG_6514_1024For my birthday dinner, Mike and I walked to Sarma for a really delicious meal. We had amazing wine and drinks and spectacular food, as always. The dishes are so creative and flavorful, we always leave feeling satisfied.IMG_6519_1024Saturday dawned a bit cool and rainy, but we stuck to our planned outing and went to breakfast at Tatte after a quick run. This is seriously one of my absolute favorite places I’ve ever eaten–I had the pancakes and a giant coffee and it was perfect.IMG_6525_1024Then we packed up and drove to the North Shore to hike the dunes at Crane Beach. We discovered a quiet, peaceful network of trails traversing the dunes.IMG_6529_1024Walking on the sand was a good workout, especially with all the up and down of the trail. The best parts were the glimpses of the ocean from the dunes.IMG_6540_1024The weather turned out to be perfect for hiking. It was mostly sunny with a cool ocean breeze. We absolutely loved this activity and would do it again (and recommend it to others)!IMG_6560_1024We worked up quite an appetite on the trail, so after our hike and a toe-dip in the ocean (brr), we went to Woodman’s of Essex for lobster rolls. They were our first of the season and we savored every bite–yum!IMG_6566_1024After lunch we went to Richardson’s for a round of mini-golf. We both got holes in one, but let’s just say it wasn’t our best round. More incentive to return for practice later this season.IMG_6567_1024After mini-golf, we snagged some amazing ice cream cones (peanut butter Oreo for me, pistachio for Mike) and took a stroll around Richardson’s to say hi to all the farm animals. Moo.IMG_6572_1024Lastly, Mike hit some balls at the driving range while I lounged in the sun. I was lucky enough to continue the fun on Monday with a fun outing with my mom and aunt. We had lunch outside, took a lovely walk and went to a plant nursery all while chatting away. It was a wonderful birthday celebration and the perfect way to welcome in my next year of life!

May Days

Spring has really and truly officially sprung! We’ve been having terrific weather and it looks like it’s going to continue all week. We are very excited.IMG_6390Friday started with a trip to an old school Somerville pastry shop (that actually closed today) to get some tasty treats for dessert later that night. They were awesome!IMG_6399The reason for the special desserts was Mike’s mom and step-dad visiting for the weekend. We enjoyed them with drinks on Friday before striking out on Saturday for Somerville Open Studios.IMG_6402Somerville Open Studios is one of the absolute best weekends of the year and we were so lucky to have great weather for it. We visited a lot of incredible spaces and saw so many friends on our walkabout.IMG_6418Loved this little elephant at Dancing Water Studios.IMG_6431We also stopped to smell the many beautiful blooming flowers along the way.IMG_6436We took a rest on the roof deck at Mad Oyster Studios.IMG_6457After a bit of a rest we walked to Davis Square for an amazing meal at Spoke Wine Bar. We had incredible drinks/wine, food and service. Always a terrific time!IMG_6482I did more Open Studios on Sunday, which was always gorgeous. I’m loving all of the bright, beautiful flowers popping up all around town.IMG_6483The bike path … it seems like not that long ago that it was covered with snow and ice. So much better now.IMG_6486More spring pretties!

Getting Warmer

It finally feels like spring here, hooray! Here’s what we’ve been up to now that the weather has gotten a little nicer …IMG_6327We broke out the grill for the first time this year and have used it a ton since because our stove/oven is broken. Really glad this didn’t happen during the winter when the grill was buried under many feet of snow!IMG_6349Flowers are popping up and trees are budding. It’s a sight for sore eyes.IMG_6352Cannot get enough of all the early season blooms!IMG_6356We had a really fun weekend starting with a sushi date and drinks at Backbar in Union Square. One of my cocktails had a flower in the ice cube and all were incredibly delicious.IMG_6362Mike played golf on Saturday and on Sunday we met some new friends for a hike in the nearby Middlesex Fells.  It wasn’t super nice out, but it was actually great hiking weather and it was really nice to get out of the city for a bit.IMG_6363The view from Wright’s Tower never gets old!IMG_6366Happy hikers after a winter trapped indoors. On Sunday night we met up with more friends for a birthday celebration that involved cake, ice cream and whipped cream, as all birthdays should. Now, onto the week ahead!

April Showers and Flowers

What a month and it’s not even halfway over! Mike spent the first weekend of April in Austin for his brother John’s bachelor party (I have no photographic evidence, sorry). And I spent the weekend sick in bed with the flu, which has now morphed into a horrible cold (and probably a sinus infection). Despite that, we went to Washington, D.C., last week. Mike had a conference and I decided to tag along since we have so many friends and family down there. Plus, it’s usually warmer in D.C. than Boston.

IMG_6233Today is Michael’s birthday and so I must wish him the very happiest and best of days!IMG_6237He was kind enough to pick me up from the airport on Thursday and we drove straight to the Tidal Basin. It wasn’t all that nice out, but we still had a lovely walk around seeing the cherry blossoms, Jefferson Memorial, MLK Memorial and FDR Memorial. IMG_6246And taking some silly photos! That night I met up with my future sister-in-law Priya for a great dinner of mediterranean small plates. Yum.IMG_6251On Friday I went running on the Mt. Vernon Trail, which I love, and Mike went off to his conference. I spent some time at the Botanic Garden, one of my favorite D.C. stops, hit up the National Gallery and the Newseum. Mike gave his talk and it went really well!IMG_6263That night it finally got warmer out and we met up with a friend from college for dinner at a delicious Ethiopian restaurant and drinks at a local brewery. It was so fun to catch up and see his fun neighborhood.IMG_6265After another quick run on Saturday morning I went to my old stomping grounds in Georgetown. It was a beautiful day!IMG_6272I had so much fun walking M Street, the canal, the waterfront and the neighborhood seeing my old haunts and exploring new stuff.IMG_6277That night we got all dressed up for a gala at the Newseum. We got to enjoy drinks and conversation on the beautiful deck overlooking the monuments.IMG_6278It was so beautiful out and such a nice way to spend a spring evening.IMG_6279D.C. sure is easy on the eyes.IMG_6280I’m so glad I got to attend the Society of News Design Awards Gala because Upstatement won a Gold Medal (very prestigious) for its redesign of the Harvard Law Review website!IMG_6281Here’s Mike and Keri (one of Upstatement’s employees) with the award! So, so, so proud.IMG_6284I had such fun walking around Georgetown that I brought Mike back the next day and showed him the sights. We had a lovely time and were so very happy to be outside!IMG_6290We got lunch at a canalside restaurant and got our first ice cream cone of the season.IMG_6293It was a wonderful weekend away but now we’re happy to be home because it’s actually not horribly cold in Boston anymore!#somsnow 04132015 side 2Yes, it’s true, the snow in our yard has melted! Finally, the #somsnow15 contest and our terrible winter is over. Bring on spring!

More Lion Than Lamb

We survived! Though it’s only felt like spring a few times, winter is officially over. We made the most of March, a month that was mostly cold (and often snowy). But we’re coming out on the other side and I’m so glad.IMG_6078We finally made it to Tatte Bakery in Cambridge and it was amazing. We tucked into large, delicious breakfasts and big coffees there on a rainy Saturday morning. These were some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had. So good in fact that I’m still thinking about them.IMG_6079_2This buttery, flaky pistachio croissant came with Mike’s meal, but he was kind enough to share.IMG_6080_2Saturday mornings call for large coffees.IMG_6081_2The cold weather has us drinking lots of cozy tea. Mike’s been putting his Valentine’s Day mana-tea to good use.IMG_6086_2We ran in an Irish 5K in Davis Square that was really fun. It’s so nice to be able to finally run outside regularly again!IMG_6089_2It snowed. Again.IMG_6124We finally went to a Somerville institution, Vinny’s at Night, a tiny Italian restaurant not far from where we live. It was hearty and delicious (full review on the Beat soon).IMG_6133We’ve also been cooking up a lot of good food at home. This salmon, hasselback potato and purple cabbage all came from the farmers market. Yum!IMG_6147I could hardly believe it when I spotted these green shoots. I literally jumped into/over a snowbank to snap this photo.IMG_6152The French Toast Alert was high at our house last weekend. It was snowing (again), so we made amazing French toast with this challah bread. So good!IMG_6167Last night we got to hang out with some of our oldest and dearest friends. <3IMG_6144The pile continues to melt. Can’t wait to see who wins the #somsnow15 contest on the Beat. And to garden, sit outside and grill!

Spring Break

We escaped winter! My parents have been spending much of the winter in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and when the opportunity arose for Mike, Michael and I to visit for a long weekend, we all jumped at the chance. The trip proved to be so much fun and the antidote to a miserable winter.IMG_5950Not wearing coats, hats and boots for a few days was absolutely wonderful. I event got to run outside several times without being bundled to the max!IMG_5955We spent pretty much the entire weekend outside soaking up the nice weather. We spotted this gator near a shopping center parking lot. Yikes!IMG_5956Long walks on the beach were a daily occurrence and so good for our souls.IMG_5960Saukee liked the extra attention too and provided lots of entertainment (and some anxiety) on said walks.IMG_5965Glorious warmth and sun!IMG_5970Early morning runs were such a treat. I’ve been largely treadmill-bound for the better part of the winter and the fresh air felt so good.IMG_5992The boys played a ton of golf, even getting in a round at the famed Harbour Town golf course. We met them on the 18th green for a family photo.IMG_6018We returned to Harbour Town to play and relax in the sun. IMG_6025Heaven.IMG_6029One last Harbour Town trip included a stunning sunset.IMG_6042We worked up quite an appetite and enjoyed some of our favorite foods: grits, crab, fresh fish, hush puppies, key lime pie and ice cream cake. Yum!IMG_6046When we got home it was a little warmer than when we left and a lot of snow has melted. We’ve still got quite the pile, but things are definitely improving. Think spring!

Sun and Snow

We’ve made it more than a week without a major snowstorm, so things are looking up over here. We’ll just ignore the bitterly cold temperatures the snow has been replaced with to keep things positive. As we have all winter, we made the most of the last several days.IMG_5835We kicked off last weekend with dinner at our favorite restaurant, Highland Kitchen, and our days, weeks, months and really lives were made when we discovered our beloved chocolate pudding in back on the menu! We’ve been campaigning for months and could not have been more excited to see it return. We were also celebrating the major success of #somsnow15. And we didn’t know it at the time, but we could’ve also been celebrating Upstatement’s gold medal from the Society of News Design for their design of the Harvard Law Review. Huzzah!IMG_5842Saturday was kind of a bust (I was feeling under the weather), but Sunday more than made up for it. We trekked to Pat’s Peak for a slope session that turned out to be one of our best snowboarding days ever!IMG_5844Temperatures started in the 20s, which was already a nice break from the frigid air, but when the sun came out and the thermometer climbed to 40 and beyond, it felt like summer! We rode all day, completing 22 runs (our most ever) and had such fun.IMG_5850Of course we had to snap a chairlift selfie to commemorate such an epic day.IMG_5852The chilly temperatures returned early this week, but we kept warm with pizza and bowling at Flatbread/Sacco’s with the Somerville Local First crew. It was a terrific way to spend another cold winter evening.IMG_5872And today we welcomed our newest Christmas cactus bloom into the world. Our plant has been producing buds since before Thanksgiving and is still going strong. This little guy seems to be reaching for the sun … and the snow.

Snow It Goes

I’m sure other things have been happening in the world, but all we in Boston can really do is focus on the snow, oh the snow. After four huge storms in less than a month, we are seriously buried over here and beating snow records left and right.

IMG_5749Another week, another snowstorm. At least there’s a pretty sky in this shot. And those icicles? We just had a bunch of guys here removing them … good times!IMG_5754We busted out a bit more between the last two storms, walking to our favorite breakfast spot (3 Little Figs) for a wonderful meal. Local businesses have been really hurt by the bad weather and we were happy to lend our support.IMG_5761Despite being pummeled by yet another storm, we braved the snow on Valentine’s Day to have a yummy meal at Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square. We also saw the latest play at the American Repertory Theater, Father Comes Home From The Wars (Parts 1, 2 &3), which was excellent.IMG_5764This year marked our 10th Valentine’s Day together and it was so nice to get out and celebrate. We even stopped at Pinocchio’s Pizza for slices after the show!IMG_5774On Sunday morning we woke up to this. After a treadmill run (seriously grateful to have one in our basement right now), I made pancakes for breakfast and we spent the morning catching up on Jeopardy! and working on a puzzle.IMG_5776I spotted this at Porter Square Books and had to get it for Mike (along with a mana-tea infuser) for Valentine’s Day! It was both fun and funny and really helped make another day indoors more bearable. For dinner I whipped up a Sweet Potato Peanut Chickpea Soup that I concocted by combining several recipes. It was so delicious–perfect for a frigid, snowy day.IMG_5786Mike always gets me flowers or a plant for Valentine’s Day from a local florist and this year he picked up a coffee plant! The gift from last year is going strong, so I have high hopes for this new addition. It’s so nice to have some life growing inside when the outside is a sea of white.IMG_5792Despite very cold temperatures and howling winds, we decided we had to get out on Monday. We bundled up and went on a super long trek around Somerville. It was great for both body and mind. We had such fun tromping around and getting a glimpse of Somerville completely buried in snow.IMG_5817This is our personal pile right outside our back door. This is all snow that has piled up as Mike has removed it from our driveway.IMG_5818And the snow removal king himself! How many days until spring?